Buckeye Recap

With the Buckeyes closing out a 45-7 victory over Marshall, and it was the second most interesting thing going on during the game (I really really enjoyed the colour-commentating duo, one of whom sounded a LOT like Seth Green, which was just too funny). The Buckeyes laid a serious beating on a team that, obviously, isn’t the biggest challenge for them this season. And with the beating being so bad, it gives us a lot to talk about in terms of standout players.

Coach Tressel Leading out the Buckeyes

First up, Terrell Pryor. He did everything I was looking for in the opener. He was calm and composed in the pocket, ran well but didn’t run too much. And overall showed the poise and leadership of a true star QB. Passed for 247 yards and 3 TD’s. Even more than his stats impressed me, and I am a big stat guy, his leadership shined through and he definitely showed that the Rose Bowl wasn’t a one-off, but rather what we can expect as the norm for this year from him. Oh, and that pass to Sanzenbacher, thats a play that only true stars make at QB, not to mention an awesome catch.

Secondly, Brandon Saine. Or as I like to call him, Brand-in-Saine. And yes, I know how lame that sounds but I like it. Rushing for 103 yards on 9 carries (avg of 11.4) and 2 TD’s, Saine showed some great footwork, and great patience to wait behind his blocks and explode through the holes. His running performance eclipsed another great game on the ground by…

True Freshman, Jaamal Berry. Berry showed some great potential tonight and played very well in his limited performance, going for 82 yards on 7 touches.

Another question I asked of this team, was how would the WR core fair this season, and the initial answer appears to be positive, Sanzenbacher (113 Yards, 1 TD) Posey (41 Yards, 2 TD’s) and Stoneburner (3 catches, 41 Yards) were all as good as expected. Everyone else had minor roles at best, and as far as going deeper into the WR/TE positions the question still lingers, however The Buckeyes are pretty set with the 3 aforementioned players.

And 2 more points, the defense showed that they live up to the hype shutting the Herds’ offense out, and the special teams defense for their excellent effort and awesome job with that forced fumble to start out the season.

And a non-Buckeye that gets some love, the player responsible for blocking Basils FG attempt. I do not know who blocked that FG, so if someone can tell me his name that would be nice.

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