Wahoo Notes

Carlos Carrasco pitched like a top prospect upon his call up from AAA on Wednesday

We are rolling out a bunch of new things here at the Lake Erie Soldiers, trying to re-vitalize our posting frequency. Sometimes living out of state, in Virginia, creates problems when it comes to watching every game, and having a job where I have no internet access, daily recaps become difficult. Wahoo Notes will be posted every few days like Browns Thoughts and I will pick on things from the past few days to complain about, highlight and harp on.

– Carlos Carrasco was really on his game Wednesday. He looked like the top prospect we thought we were getting from the Phillies. It is sad that the bullpen and lack of offensive output cost him the victory.

– Matt LaPorta continues to frustrate me. Not because he got hurt, because he can’t help that, but his 2 homeruns last weekend were most likely just another flash in the pan moment for the Tribe first bagger. It seems like once a month he remembers how to swing a bat, but then crawls back up his own but and forgets that he is playing in the MLB and he isn’t a rookie anymore.

– Travis Hafner has been swinging a pretty big stick since returning from the DL. It would be nice to see some of his doubles carry a little farther and go over a fence, but this might be as good as it gets for Pronk.

– When it comes to Hafner… I like the guy, I always have and I want him to be good again. I just wish he didn’t have that huge contract weighing down the team. I also have no idea what the team will try and do with him this off season, do they work out a buyout? If they do will he be able to find another team – because I would hate to see him out of the game. Would the Tribe bring him back at a vastly discounted price?

The Indians have found a closer! Too bad they can't get games to him.

– Chris “Pure Rage” Perez is awesome to watch. He can really be a dominant late inning guy, its just too bad we can’t get him in more games.

– Is Jason Donald just lucky, or is there something to his pair of 4 hit games in the last month? He shows flashes here and there of being a productive middle infielder. His inconsistency would be really frustrating for me if I had high hopes for him like I do LaPorta. Any good Donald can do is awesome. Any time he messes up I just say, well IT IS Jason Donald. Its not like we traded Cliff Lee for him or anything…

– Carlos Santana’s return (otherwise known as next season) can’t get here fast enough. It is remarkable how his absence has been felt by the team and the fans, and he is just a rookie.

– Andy Marte sucks.

– Up until yesterday Justin Germano was having a really good stretch out of the bullpen. It all came to a halt with a Paul Konerko 3 run jack.

– Andy Marte sucks.

– The 3B/2B issue. I am ready to beg Manny Acta to just put Jayson Nix at 3rd and Donald at 2nd and let it be. No one is getting consistent at bats and it is hurting the team. Just as long as he keeps Marte and Luis Valbuena off the field.

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