Browns Predictions 2010-2011

Now that the final pre-season game has been won, 13-10 over the Chicago Bears it is time to focus on week 1 of the Browns 2010-2011 campaign. Before we can get there though, we must lay out some predictions for the club, some expectations. We will predict the Brown’s record, and mvp, best rookie, surprise and letdown on both sides of the ball. Let’s get it going.

Zach – I’m looking at the tough schedule the Browns face this year and I am having a touh time seeing them making a big improvement record wise. 5-11 is my prediction, but I see the team being much more competitive all year long, wherein lies the teams improvement.
Dustin – I’m going a little more optimistic than Zach, even considering the tough schedule, I think the Browns will go 7-9, the Browns are better than last year and I think it will click earlier on and play well for most of this year.

Offensive MVP:
Z- Joshua Cribbs. Because he will play a role in everything this team does moving the ball. He will have his typical big impact on special teams and produce well in both receiving and rushing. He probably will not produce the best offensive stats, but he will have the biggest impact and influence on the entire team. It wouldn’t shock me if he put up 10 touchdowns combined.
D- Jerome Harrison. I agree with Zach that Cribbs will show up, but with the Browns best option being run the ball I think Harrison could show us up to 1000 yards and at least 6 TD’s on the ground.

Offensive Rookie:
Z- Shaun Luavao. I see him being a stabalizing force on the right side of the O-line. He is huge, and if he stays healthy he can have a really big impact.
D- I’m going to go with backup HB Montario Hardesty. He won’t get a ton of touches but I certainly think he will impress in his limited role. Provided he can come back at any stage in the season. If he is out, then I agree with Shaun Luavao.

Offensive Surprise:
Z- I think most people kind of see Brian Robiskie has being ready to evolve into a good wideout. I think he takes a big step in that direction this season and has the most productive year for a Browns wideout.
D- I’m thinking the biggest surprise this year offensively, will be Mr Jake Delhomme. I am hoping that Delhomme will surprise us all and be the leader on the offense that we need.

Offensive Letdown:
Z- Jerome Harrison. I hope he makes me eat my words. It isn’t the slow start to the preseason that is making me suggest this, I have a feeling he might not live up to the high hopes we fans have after seeing the way he ended last year. My brother for one, thinks 1200 yards is possible for Jerome… If that is the expectation, then a letdown is likely. I am basing this off the expectation that a few timely fumbles or missed blocks will limit his carries, and while he will more than likely lead the team in rushing, I think the overall output will be somewhat dissapointing.
D- John St. Clair. I think he will prove to be the weak link in the line at RT, and he could hurt the team by giving up some sacks and tackles for loss.

Defensive MVP:
Z- Eric Wright should have a really big year. I think the introduction of Sheldon Brown will influence Wright’s play a lot, and possibly influence other teams to throw Wright’s way, which will boost his interception rate and bring him attention.
D-Eric Wright. He is and rightfully so considered to be on the verge of a breakout season. By the end of this year Eric Wright could be a household name, outside of NE Ohio. Wright will certainly be our top defensive player, and maybe even have the best year of any DB in the AFC North.

Defensive Rookie:
Z- TJ Ward. Ward will have a key role to play in the Brown’s secondary as a rookie starter. He will be a big part of the defense and his ability to hit hard and breakup passes will make QB’s weary of throwing the ball deep across the middle. Ward will likely also play a big role on the coverage units in special teams also.
D- On defense I will say Joe Haden, I think Haden will have a phenomenal rookie campaign. He will have a big impact on our defense this year. Although I do agree that Ward will have a huge Special Teams impact (in fact, during the Browns-Lions preseason game I told Zach that TJ Ward would be the best Special Teams coverage guy, he stole my point…)

Defensive Surpise:
Z- Matt Roth. I think he will be the team’s best and mosty consistent linebacker. I would not be shocked if he makes the pro bowl. I think he will lead the team in sacks and tackles for loss, his presence will be felt in opposing backfields.
D- TJ Ward. TJ Ward will definitely surprise some with his solid defense this year, he is going to have a solid number of broken up passes and forced fumbles, that many outside of Ohio will not be expecting.

Defensive Letdown:
Z- Shaun Rogers is easily the Browns’ star player on defense. Which is why anything less than a pro bowl year is a bit of a letdown, but after a rough and injury shortened year last year he needs a big rebound year. Not getting a long suspension helps his cause, but some injuries and issues have already kept him off the field. I think this will be his last year in town and injuries and ineffectiveness will see him lose reps to Ahtyba Rubin.
D- Eric Barton. Some predict Barton to be starting alongside Gocong at MLB, and I think that Barton is a little too far over the hill to be productive enough to warrant a starting spot. But because he was one of the original players brought over by Mangini he most likely will not lose his starting spot, but surely will lose some time on the field probably to a younger guy like Titus Brown or (hopefully) Marcus Bernard.

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