What We’re Looking For, Buckeyes vs Hurricanes

Here we go, week 2 of the Collegiate Football season. And it will pit our 1-0 Ohio State Buckeyes against the 1-0 Miami Hurricanes. I will be looking at the things that we will be looking for from our  boys and what we need to look out for against the Hurricanes.

First thing I will be looking for the Buckeyes to do is: Move the ball. We know, based off of our returning players and powerful display against Marshall, that we have the ability to move the ball both on the ground and through the air. We should expect no less tomorrow against the Hurricanes. Obviously this is our first real test of the 2010 season, but I am expecting the Bucks to get down the field efficiently.

Second, (and you will notice this is going to be a recurring theme for these posts) I will be looking to Pryor to lead the Buckeyes. He will need to be the strong leader on the field and on the sidelines all season long, especially if he wants to make a legitimate run at the Heisman this year.

And finally, some believe that this Buckeyes defense has enough to lead the team to a national championship, and after last weeks solid defensive showing it looks like it may be true, but I will be curious to see how the defense handles a real test against this tough Hurricane Offense.

What to look out for against as far as the Hurricanes go:

1. Keep a lid on Harris. Harris was tremendous against the feeble defense he faced last week, but his performance certainly gives the Buckeyes something to gameplan against for Saturday.

2. Protecting Pryor. The Hurricanes managed 8 sacks last week. The OSU line needs to hold up and give plenty of time to Pryor to allow him to play from the pocket as well as run around to find an open receiver.

All in all, I expect good things of this team and a good game from Pryor, and the whole OSU team.


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