Wahoo Notes – 9/22/2010

The Jake hosts 7 more games this season, and then will be resting until the Tribe returns in April with renewed hope and life.

It has been a couple days since we really talked much about the Indians here, for a few reasons: Browns fever has been running rampant, the Indians have basically sucked and been painful to watch/write about, and I have had fairly well documented struggles with my internet service. None the less, here’s a few ideas/thoughts about our Cleveland Indians.

– The Indians lost their 90th game of the season Wednesday afternoon, for an overall record of 62-90. The Indians need to avoid losing their final ten games to reach 100 losses, so if they manage just one win they will avoid the paper-bag-over-head inducing 100 loss tally. They currently sit 1 game behind the also lowly Royals for last place, but a good series against KC in this weekend’s 4 game set could help the team avoid last place. This final home-stand of the year sees the Royals and Tigers before they go to Chicago to finish the year against the White Sox. I doubt the team will manage to lose all 10 games, but they have proved me wrong in the past, I did predict them to finish near .500 and score 700 runs this year after all.

LaPorta is still driving me crazy

– Matt LaPorta is still a conundrum. Grand slam one day, then barely able to make contact or get the ball out of the infield the next few days. Hopefully this year has been a big learning experience for him, and hopefully he figures out how to hit consistently for next year. The story all year long for him has been prolonged slump after prolonged slump, with a game or two of productivity mixed in to break the monotony. Step it up LaPorta.

– Justin Masterson’s first relief fail of his bullpen stint. Welcome to the club Mr. Masterson. I have been waiting, like many, to see him pitch in relief this year and he rewarded us with a very convincing performance that he did indeed belong in the Indians bullpen by showing an inability to get outs.

– What was Brantley doing on the play Tuesday night? He admitted later that he goofed and misplayed it but it still might be blooper of the year for the Tribe. It looked like Andy Marte was playing centerfield, or trying to keep someone from stealing his donut.

– Josh Tomlin and Jeanmar Gomez are starting to look like rookies. The long season and MLB hitters are beginning to get to the young pitchers who seem to look rougher every time they take the mound.’

– Carlos Carrasco pitched strongly again Wednesday afternoon. 6 innings, 6 hits, 3 runs, 3 walks, 4 k’s. It was probably his roughest outing yet, but it was still a pretty good one, Had the offense not been completely perplexed by Nick Blackburn, he gave the team a chance to win.

– Who gets the call from Columbus now that their season has triumphantly come to an end? It would not be much of a tryout seeing as there is 10 games left, but it would be nice to see a few fresh faces get in a game or two at the big league level before the season ends.

– Belated congratulations to Shin-S00 Choo for getting his 2nd straight 20-20 year, and being the lone bright spot on the Indians lineup.

– Congrats also need to be issued to the Columbus Clippers for their AAA Championship. And to all of the Indians minor league teams for their season.

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