Cavaliers Quarterly Review

So this is our second annual Cleveland Cavaliers 1st Quarter review. While this team is very different from the one that I reviewed one year ago, we still have… well we still have a basketball team… so there’s that.

So let’s go ahead and look at our statistical leaders for this NBA season so far, as of Dec 7th:

Points: Mo Williams 14.7
Rebounds: Anderson Varejao 9.0
Assists: Mo Williams 5.6
Blocks: Anderson Varejao 1.1
Steals: Mo Williams 1.1

What can we take away from this? The team isn’t scoring the way we would hope. The team isn’t getting assists the way we would hope. And overall the team, even with low expectations, is not performing up to what we (I) expected.

I personally had much higher hopes for this team that the experts did. They didn’t know what to make of the 2010-2011 incarnation of the Cavs, from 15 or so wins all the way up to .500. For now the Cavs sit at 7-14 (and are playing the Bulls as I am writing this). The big thing to talk about is of course the LeReturn, or whatever one might want to call it. I am going to leave it at this. The Cavs did not show up to that game. We would have had a better shot at beating the Heat if we picked 12 random fans out of the stands and threw them on the floor that night. No passion. No work ethic. Too much buddy-buddy shit going on. I am not going to spend hundreds or thousands of words dissecting that performance. It’s been done to death. But the few things that everyone took away from that game, are very much telling of this years Cavs. No Passion. The team has not been showing me the kind of effort I would assume a team that just got dumped by a premier player would have. There is no fire. There is no effort. The team looks lethargic. It brings me to this conclusion. It’s time to blow it up. I can think of just a few players I would like the Cavs to keep, the rest could go on the block for picks, for young guys, or try to package them for a big-ish name. I don’t care. But the team needs to go out, and find a passionate leader for this team.

I am going to say, keep Boobie, keep JJ, keep Andy. Those are the three untouchables for me. Will the team go out and make some moves and try to inject some passion into the Cavs? I don’t know. I hope so. There is very little fire in the belly of this team, and it needs fixing.

There has been one player who has actually played decently well for most of the year as far as I am concerned. And that player is Boobie Gibson. In his biggest role since ’07-’08 he is averaging 13 points, 3 assists, 3 rebounds and shooting a decent 43.5% from the field. Boobie has seemed like the only consistent Cav this year.

And on a final note, let us speak of JJ Hickson. At the quarter point of last season we were still seeing a young energetic guy who had the ability to give the team an extra kick. And to start this season JJ was looking like he had kicked it up a notch, like he had made the jump to a key guy, but, just as last year, he has seemed to cool down a little bit since the onset of the year. All in all the Cavs have not impressed so far on their way to a 7-14 start. But if they can get the fire started, this season could still be turned into something.

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