Week 14 Picks


Indianapolis Colts (6-6) @ Tennessee Titans (5-7)

Zach: Colts, Titans have been really struggling lately and Manning needs a win.

Dustin: Pretty much gonna have to go with the Colts.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-5) @ Washington Redskins (5-7)

Z: Bucs. The Redskins defense really struggles without Haynesworth, and now he’s suspended the rest of the year, it won’t be pretty.

D: Bucs. It should be an easy win for the Bucs,

Cleveland Browns (5-7) @ Buffalo Bills (2-10)

Z: Brownies. It won’t be easy, but I think they come out on top again.

D: Browns. It has the potential to be anything, but the Browns winning is the most likely, just hard to tell what the game will be like.

Green Bay Packers (8-4) @ Detroit Lions (2-10)

Z: Packers, probably a blow out.

D: Packers. Too easy.

Oakland Raiders (6-6) @ Jacksonville Jaguars (7-5)

Z: Jacksonville, I think they have a chance to win the AFC South.

D: Jacksonville. Oakland has 6 wins, but haven’t impressed me that much this year.

Cincinnati Bengals (2-10) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (9-3)

Z: Steelers win it pretty easy.

D: Steelers. Duh.

Atlanta Falcons (10-2) @ Carolina  Panthers (1-11)

Z: Falcons. It shouldn’t be too hard for them to take on a team with less wins then Atlanta has losses.

D: Falcons. Too easy.

Seattle Seahawks (6-6) @ San Francisco 49ers (4-8)

Z: Seattle, I think they run over the Niners.

D: 49ers. The seahawks are terribly overrated and have overachieved at 6-6. Niners pull this one out.

St. Louis Rams (6-6) @ New Orleans Saints (9-3)

Z: Saints. They need the W and the Rams will have a chance to win their division even if they lose today.

D: Saints. The rams will put up a fight though.

New England Patriots (10-2) @ Chicago Bears (9-3)

Z: this is a tough one to call, going with the Patriots.

D: Bears. If they can beat teams like Philly, I think they can handle another team whose only offense is short passes and screens. They will know what to look for.

Denver Broncos (3-9) @ Arizona Cardinals (3-9)

Z: I think Denver continues the streak of interim coaches winning, Broncos.

D: Denver. Should be possibly the worst game of the week.

Miami Dolphins (6-6) @ New York Jets (9-3)

Z: Jets win it, the Dolphins don’t stand much chance.

D: Jets. Bouncing back from a trouncing, and the Dolphins will feel their wrath, either on the football field or Coach Ryan will sit on someone.

Kansas City Chiefs (8-4) @ San Diego Chargers (6-6)

Z: Both teams need it, I think the Chargers rebound and win this one.

D: Chiefs. I have a feeling the Chiefs might almost be for real. I see a series sweep of the chargers.

Philadelphia Eagles (8-4) @ Dallas Cowboys (4-8)

Z: Philly is in the fight for the division and I think they step on the injury riddled Cowboys on their way to the top of the division.

D: Philly. Cowboys will put up a fight but Vick will take them.


New York Giants (8-4) @ Minnesota Vikings (5-7)

Z: I think the Giants stay neck and neck with the Eagles, Giants win.

D:Giants. I don’t think the Vikes have much left.

Baltimore Ravens (8-4) @ Houston Texans (5-7)

Z: Ravens. Texans have been pretty disapointing this year and I think the Ravens will KO all chances of the playoffs.

D: Ravens. The Texans are slipping. this just about kills their season.

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