NFL Weekly Picks – Week 15

Just 3 more weeks left in the NFL season, the Browns have a chance to finish 8-8 if they win out, wow that is something I never thought I’d say. Regardless, lets get back to the picks.


San Francisco 49ers (5-8) @ San Diego Chargers (7-6)

Zach: Chargers take this one and continue their run to the playoffs.

Dustin: Chargers win easy.


Kansas City Chiefs (8-5) @ St. Louis Rams (6-7)

Z: This one could go either way, both teams have a playoff chance, I think the Chiefs win this one.

D: Chiefs. It’ll be a tough game but I think the Chiefs pull it out.

Arizona Cardinals (4-9) @ Carolina Panthers (1-12)

Z: Arizona wins, riding the surprising good perfomance from last week of Rookie QB John Skelton.

D: Panthers. Yes, really. I’m picking the 1-12 Panthers, because I think the Cards are actually a worse team.

Philadelphia Eagles (9-4) @ New York Giants (9-4)

Z: The battle for the NFC East. Eagles win today and take the division.

D: Eagles. Vick soars and Eli struggles.

Detroit Lions (3-10) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-5)

Z: Bucs, lets hope they don’t play down to their competition again this week.

D: Buccaneers. They should be able to handle the Lions at home, but it shouldn’t be a walk in the park.

Cleveland Browns (5-8) @ Cincinatti Bengals (2-11)

Z: Browns, I don’t know how they are the underdog in this one, but I think McCoy’s return means a W for the Brownies.

D: Browns. It’ll be an interesting game, I think McCoy’s ankle will be the determining factor.

Buffalo Bills (3-10) @ Miami Dolphins (7-6)

Z: Dolphins. They have a chance at the playoffs and I don’t think they will let the Bills stand in their way.

D: Dolphins. This is another tough close game, but I think the ‘Phins can take the Bills.

Washington Redskins (5-8) @ Dallas Cowboys (4-9)

Z: Dallas, and it will be an ugly day for Rex Grossman

D: Cowboys. Grossman sucks and the poorly coached Redskins will be reduced to getting whipped by Dallas.

Jacksonville Jaguars (8-5) @ Indianapolis Colts (7-6)

Z: This is tough, huge game. Colts pull it out.

D: Jaguars. This decides the division, and I think MoJoDrew takes the Jags to the next level.

New Orleans Saints (10-3) @ Baltimore Ravens (9-4)

Z: Another huge game. I think the Saints pull it out.

D: Saints, should be a good game, but I think the Saints pull it out late.

Houston Texans (5-8) @ Tennessee Titans (5-8)

Z: Playing for Draft position now, Texans win.

D: Texans, the Titans have been a huge disappointment since Moss joined the team, not his fault, but still.

Atlanta Falcons (11-2) @ Seattle Seahawks (6-7)

Z: Falcons, there really is not much argument either way.

D: Falcons. It’s a pretty easy choice, the Seahawks can’t beat Matty Ice.

New York Jets (9-4) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (10-3)

Z: Big game for both teams, I think the Steelers seal the deal on the AFC North today.

D: Steelers. The Jets struggles continue.

Denver Broncos (3-10) @ Oakland Raiders (6-7)

Z: It won’t be a pretty game, Raiders win.

D: Raiders, Tebows first start won’t do enough to make the Broncos any good.

Green Bay Packers (8-5) @ New England Patriots (11-2)

Z: Packers playing without Aaron Rogers, Patriots win it easy.

D: Pats, with no Rodgers the Pack has no chance.


Chicago Bears (9-4) @ Minnesota Vikings (5-8)

Z: Da Bears. They need a win after last week’s embarrasment, and who better to beat then the Vikings.

D: Bears. The Vikings might just be on track to lose out.

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