The Picks Live On! – Week 18

SO with the NFL regular season behind us, the final tally for our picks competition has ended up Zach 160-151 Dustin. But there is a chance at redemption and a chance for Dustin to avoid the humiliation of the slap bet, and the challenge of losing one of my players at the start of next years NFL season in our keeper league. We have decided to keep picking games right on through the Super Bowl this season. There will be a tweak to our usual scoring. Instead of each game being worth 1 point, we have upped the ante. Each correct game is worth 5 points. With that in mind, lets pick the Wild Card Week.


New Orleans Saints (11-5) @ Seattle Seahawks (7-9)

Dustin: New Orleans. It will be closer than people think, but it still won’t be the biggest challenge for Brees and the Saints.

Zach: Who Dat?!?! Seems logical to go with the Saints in this one.

New York Jets (11-5) @ Indianapolis Colts (10-6)

Dustin: Indianapolis. I think that Manning can do to the Jets D, what the Pats did to them a few weeks ago, especially since the Colts just got Addai back.

Zach: This one really could go either way, I can’t pick against Peyton Manning. Colts.


Baltimore Ravens (12-4) @ Kansas City Chiefs (10-6)

Dustin: Baltimore. I think that the Chiefs won’t be able to defend their home turf from the black birds.

Zach: Ravens, I like the Chiefs but I think they will be overwhelmed.

Green Bay Packers (10-6) @ Philadelphia Eagles (10-6)

Dustin: This is the toughest game to pick, I really don’t know which team holds the advantage. But I am going to go with the Eagles.

Zach: Packers. They are probably the hottest team right now coming off of that huge win to get into the playoffs against the Bears, I think they make a run.


Enjoy the playoffs everyone.

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