SuperBowl Picks

As the NFL season winds to a close it brings our NFL Picks competition to an end with it. Zach has an unimaginable 20 point lead heading into the final week or the season, making this pick all but a formality. He has won the trade, and the slap bet. Now the trade will not go through until several months from now, much closer to the 2011 NFL season, and the slap will not be administered until then, unless Zach decides to cash it in sooner. Whatever the case may be, we will now give you our final picks for the 2010 season, the picks for the SuperBowl.

Zach: Packers over Steelers. 20-17. MVP: Aaron Rodgers.

Dustin: Packers over Steelers. 28-20. MVP: Greg Jennings. However I will say, if the Steelers pull it out, it will be Troy Polamalu as the MVP.

Enjoy the Superbowl everyone.

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