Trade Reaction

The news has just come out that the Cleveland Cavaliers have traded 1 time all-star guard Mo Williams and former dunk  contest participant Jamario Moon to the Los Angeles Clippers for 2 time all-star and 2004 All-NBA Third Team guard Baron Davis, and an unprotected 1st round pick in the 2011 NBA draft.

Newest Cavalier Baron Davis

Just to break this down into individual pieces. The Cavs unloaded Jamario Moon, who has averaged 4.6 points this season, while being seemingly passed over by Joey Graham and Christian Eyenga at the Small Forward position for the Cavaliers, was always a pretty obvious trade piece for the Cavs since he is not a grand producer on the floor (4.6 points, 1.1 assist, 2.8 boards this year) and his seemingly hefty paycheck for such production, making a cool 3 million this year. He seemed like he was always going to play a role in a trade for the Cavs this year after he was signed last year to provide a back-up to former starter at small forward, LeBron James.

Also being moved by the Cavs was Mo Williams, the veteran point guard who has averaged 13.3 points and over 7 assists this year for the struggling Cavaliers. Mo’s contract dictates a payday of around 9 million dollars this year, with 2 years remaining on his contract. Mo has been the starting point guard while healthy this season, but has seemed troubled with the direction of the Cavaliers thus far. Williams reportedly contemplated retirement this summer after his teammate and friend LeBron James left the Cavaliers. Williams has suffered a few injuries over the course of the season playing in just 36 of the Cavaliers 57 games.

The Cavaliers will receive 31 year old point guard Baron Davis from the Clippers. Davis has seen his share of disappointments on the court since the signing of his 5 year, 65 million dollar contract a couple years ago. Davis is averaging right around the same numbers as Mo Williams this year, but is probably more known as having the second best beard in the NBA, behind James Harden. Davis is slated to make 13 million dollars this season and has 3 years left on his current contract. The Cavaliers acquiring Davis will not save the team any money this season, but there is some potential that during the offseason Cleveland just releases or buys out Davis. Davis has played for Coach Scott in the past, and things did not end well between them, however it is said that they have since patched things up, and this trade could provide the two another chance at making things work on the floor between them.

The biggest (and possibly only) bright spot of this trade for the Cavs is the acquisition of an unprotected first round pick from the Clippers, which could land the Cavs a pair of top ten selections in the 2011 draft. This move shows a clear indication from the Cavaliers front office that they are now in full out rebuilding mode. While taking on Davis monster deal isn’t particularly a step in the right direction, the sentiment behind the trade, and the draft pick certainly are.

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