PEYTON ‘THUNDER’ HILLIS! Your Madden 2012 Cover Athlete!!!

Hillis is bringing the Thunder to Madden

Congratulations are in order. The Cleveland Browns running back, Peyton Hillis was voted on to the cover of the 2012 edition of Madden NFL Football. What a huge moment for Hillis and the Browns. I can only imagine what the 25 year old bruiser is thinking right now, and if I were him I would be excited but my thoughts would also be… “Oh Shit”…

I am a huge Browns fan and huge fan of “Thunder” Hillis. While I am extremely pumped and happy that he is gracing the cover of my favorite video game and that he has earned national recognition for being a beastly running back, my happiness is somewhat dimmed by the ever present Madden curse. While many of you would say that it isn’t a real thing and that I am stupid and should just be happy about it. I beg to differ. When has the Madden cover athlete not gone down with a bad injury the season he was on the cover. It happened to Ray Lewis, Shaun Alexander, Donavan McNabb. You name ‘em they sucked or got hurt that season. Now obviously I would love Hillis to break through the ‘curse’ like he does would be tacklers, I am fearful that the fledgling Browns and their star back might now be facing more pressure and scrutiny that they have received this notoriety.

As a Cleveland sports fan I am hopelessly optimistic at the beginning of each and every season, but I am also an extreme pessimist and will dive myself head first into a crippling depression as soon as that early season optimism wears off. I would hate that to happen in training camp if the curse does befall Hillis. I may be way too used to heartbreak and injuries riddling the teams I root for, so I guess I am just waiting for something to happen now. The Browns need Hillis to have a repeat performance in 2011 if they hope to build on their successes from this past season, and since many who talk about the NFL on the internet and on tv have, largely due to Hillis, pegged the Browns as a potential break out team this season, it would be so heartbreaking if Madden strikes again.

But until football actually starts happening and if we actually do have a season this year, all we can do is wait and see. So once again I want to congratulate Peyton Hillis for becoming the latest Madden cover athlete. You deserve it man, and I can’t wait to see you run some people over and jump over un-suspecting linebackers in the upcoming season. Go Browns.

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