We’re Baaack….

Yet again we are staging a comeback. After another long absence which we certainly do apologize for, but as you all know life catches up to us sometimes. I blame it on a new job that sees me working all sorts of long and crappy hours plus a long commute on top of that. But none the less, Dustin and I are returning, with a new venue to boot. We will still be posting here, all of our Ohio related content will be reposted on this site, so it will really be the most of what he and I are posting. So we should have daily posts, if not almost daily. Our new upstart blog is called, Out Looking: A Kelly Trifecta Sports blog. The link is here, http://kellytrifectasports.wordpress.com/if you want to check out what we have thus far, it is coming along nicely. And yes, you read that right, it says trifecta. There is a 3rd member to our crew of opinionated dim whits. Our older brother is joining the fray, Matt, who actually lives in Ohio will be blogging with us. While he actually lives up in our northern home land he is not much of a fan of the Cleveland teams, so his posts will be primarily on that sight, but when he ventures into our world we will feature it here. He will be our Ohio State specialist, since he follows them more closely than the other two of us. so any way, long story short. We are back. Enjoy.

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