Cavs Win Lottery, get #1 and #4

Cavs Win! The Lottery!

It looks like our Cleveland Cavaliers came out as the big winners in Tuesday night’s NBA Draft Lottery. The Cavs, who had the 2nd best odds to get the #1 pick did just that on Tuesday. The little ball that said Cavaliers was picked for the #1 choice, as it was again picked for the #4 pick. The reward for trading Mo Williams for Baron Davis was that #1 pick, which gives the Cavs an unprecedented 2 picks in the top 5. While I first want to get the emotion out of the way, please allow me a quick moment. HECK YES!!! #1 AND #4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TAKE THAT LEBRON! Well that felt good. That leaves me a little confused though, I know I’m probably not the only one who wants to tell LeBron to suck it because we won the lottery, but part of me is a little bitter sweet about it. We all definitely have to remain objective in steadfast as we prepare with the team for the future, which might be coming a little faster with two early picks in the draft. What will the Cavs do with those picks? That is the ultimate question, we just have to wait and see but that won’t stop us from talking about it at all will it?

The early favorite for number one pick seems like it is Kyrie Irving from Duke. It might be just me, but I really think the Cavs need to stay away from picking him with the #1 pick. He is obviously leaving college too early, since he missed almost his entire freshman year injured, and while he made a huge impact for his team when he returned in the NCAA Tournament, but is that really enough to make him the top pick? I think that if the Cavs pick him it will be a mistake, I don’t think he would ever fit the bill of a #1 draft pick. He fits the mold of a great college point guard, he fits that style, and I think that style translates more into an NBA 2 guard. There have been plenty of guys like him to leave college early and have success, sure there is no doubting that, but if there are any guards coming out of the draft that could have really benefitted from staying, Irving is the one. I fear that if the Cavs take him with the first pick he will turn into a Rashad McCants type player. I think he will fall flat, not live up to his potential be a bust at that slot. Derrick Williams on the other hand I could justify picking #1.

Derrick Williams seems like the kind of Power Forward/Center that could be a huge piece of the franchise. Coupling him with the improving JJ Hickson could create a dynamic set of bigs for the Cavs, that would benefit any young guards the team might also draft. If the Cavs feel they can get Williams with the #4 pick then I actually think they should try and trade the #1 pick. Trade it? Yes, trade it. But there in lies a problem. Who would be willing to take that pick and give the Cavs what they want in return. I don’t know who might be possible trading partners for that pick, I know there is that rumor about Rudy Gay coming over in a trade, but I doubt that will happen and I’m not sure I’d want them giving up that high of a pick for him. Who is worth a #1 pick who is currently in the NBA? Blake Griffin but that ain’t gonna happen. Maybe the Clips will give us Griffin for both picks? That seems worth it. While I am immensely excited that the Cavs got those 2 picks, I am left with a lot more questions then I had going into tonight. I don’t really see anyone in this years draft that looks like a slam dunk #1 pick, or even a slam dunk #4 pick. There are a lot of prospects that could have good or great careers, but there isn’t really any Kevin Durants or Derrick Roses that jump off the page at you. My brother mentioned this scenario to me, take Williams with the #1 and pick up Kentucky’s big time performer Brandon Knight with the #4. I could be happy with that scenario playing out. My first reaction though when I saw that ball drop and the Cavs announced #1 was that they should employ the strategy of the Browns. Trade down and try to take a sure thing rather than taking a risk at #1.

Dan Gilbert's Son, Nick, represented the future focused Cavs at the Draft Lottery

The tremendous part of this draft is just that there is the potential for the Cavs to fuel a quick turn around. In the past few years we have seen how quickly a team can go from worst to contender in just a year or two with the right kind of draft choices. The Cavs don’t necessarily get the next MVP in the draft this year, but if they could get 2 more than solid contributors it would do a great deal to turn around the team’s fortunes. I know I’ll be on the edge of my seat until draft day.

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1 Response to Cavs Win Lottery, get #1 and #4

  1. Matt Kelly says:

    I say they take Derrick Williams at 1 and Brandon Knight at 4.

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