Bring it On

Will the 2nd half bring more late inning magic?Bring on the 2nd half. This was the longest All Star Break in recent memory for me, since, for once the Indians look like contenders in the division. With a 2nd half like the first half the Tribe could easily find themselves in position to win the division and play post season baseball. That concept has got me so excited that I cant wait for the game to start and signal the beginning of the 2nd half of the season.

Things will not, nor will they ever, come easily for the Tribe. The Tigers and White Sox are hitting their strides after slow starts, and the Twins are playing better. The Indians began to sputter as the weather heated up, so lets hope the hot July and August days ahead see the Indians succeeding a little more. The Indians have very few sure things to count on down the stretch. Those sure things are a dominant group of bullpen arms, solid front end starting and, well, thats about it.  Both of those things, as always in baseball are wild cards.

While what we see as only, realistically, two strengths that are gauranteed, the Indians are faced with many question marks and uncertainties. There are really too many of those to count, but regardless I am pumped about the teams chances of winning the division. Some of the questions facing the Tribe: will Grady figure things out? Will the real Fausto Carmona please stand up, will the Tribe trade him for a bat? How will the offense perform in the 2nd half? Will the bullpen and top 3 starters stay dominant?

Regardless, the Indians and their fans have a lot to look forward to and a lot to be happy about based on the first half of the year. If they keep up the solid baseball, keep getting good pitching and the offense can keep things going consistently then the AL Central is very winnable.

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