Hunter Pence?

Will the Tribe emerge as players for the Astros' Hunter Pence?

It was recently reported that the Houston Astros are willing to trade their star outfielder Hunter Pence. As I heard this news I got all sorts of excited. Why you may ask? Well, simple. Right handed, great hitting, great fielding do it all outfielder. Indians needs? Right handed hitting outfielder. Perfect. If the Indians are going to be a serious contender now, and hopefully into the future, Pence is the guy they wanna get and lock up long terms.

Now may be the time for the Indians to pounce and pick up another star level player like Pence with Grady Sizemore looking like such a liability and the possibility that Shin Soo Choo wants too big of a deal or wants to walk, or the slim possibility his last two seasons may not be a sign of things to come.

The price the Indians would have to pay for Pence is likely a steep one, but the Indians do have a lot of young talent and pieces they could move for the right guy. Pence is still only 28 and in his prime, so if the Indians could pull off such a trade it would be great for now and for the future. I imagine any deal for Pence would take several of our top level prospects, like Nick Hagadone, Josh Judy, Chord Phelps and such AAA studs. But, in many ways it might be worth it.

The Indians are not usually a team who makes a gigantic splash with who they acquire as a fiscally challenged organization, but Pence could do a lot to help that. He is an All Star, would draw people in and plays the game the right way, he seems a lot like Grady Sizemore but much healthier and far less strike out prone. If the Indians have a chance to snag him, they need to capitalize on it.

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