A Cleveland Sports Blog, by two brothers with a lot to say about the teams they love.

Dustin Kelly

Dustin Kelly – Dustin is the younger of the two, at 20, he has always been a die hard Cleveland Sports fan with a bit more of a focus on the Cavaliers. He is a big soccer and basketball fan, he played both throughout his high school varsity years, but his focus is on the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Cleveland Browns.

Zach Kelly

Zach Kelly – A recent graduate of the University of Mary Washington, Zach is looking to further himself as a writer and potentially move away from a small blog to bigger and better things. Recently married, Zach is driving his wife crazy with his devotion to the Cleveland Indians, Browns and Cavaliers. The Ohio State University ranks very high on Zach’s list of favorite things in the world as well. Zach played semi-professional baseball until arm injuries forced him to re-focus his attention on school and this is when he turned his attention to writing about his favorite teams.