Zach’s Browns List


Another week, another loss. Another emberassing performance against a division rival. Sounds pretty much like standard operation for the Cleveland Browns, but this one felt so much worse. The players are getting sick of losing, and so are the fans. I have a sinking feeling, if it is even possible, that things are going to get worse before they get better.

– Ray Rice ran all over the defense. Everyone knows we struggle against the run, but man. They tried so hard to, but no one could stop him. Yes, he is an elite back but he is not unstoppable. Even Ricky Williams was running wild.

– The pass defense was kind of its usual strong self, but the Ravens didnt even really try to throw the ball. I have concluded that is the main reason why our pass defense has been so above average this year. Teams know they can run on us at will, so they dont need to pass, and are ok with only getting to get between 120 and 170 a game in the air.

– D’Qwell Jackson is a beast. Pure and simple. If he isn’t given a multi year deal at the end of the season I might give up.

– TJ Ward needs to get healthy in a bad way. His absence is huge in the passing game and run game.

– Offensively this team seems to take two steps back for every step forward. They looked better last week in the first half, but in the 6 quarters since then they have been just as miserable as ever. No one gets any seperation and McCoy can barely get them the ball if they do. Drops are an exceedingly huge problem. Hire a receiver coach who can teach these guys how to catch a ball. Seriously.

– Hire a offensive coordinator. One with at least one creative brain cell.

– Grrreeeaaat. Hillis battling another injury. Hardesty is still out. Even when they have been healthy they have been underperforming and inconsistent.

– Is Hillis’ contract the reason he isn’t producing as well when he is healthy? Or is this the type of production that would be the norm with him? I find it a little bewildering that these same injuries didn’t seem to slow him down nearly as much. You would think that if he wanted paid we would get a more resilient and motivated. Just sayin…

– Short week will likely mean big trouble for the Browns. I feel as if we are headed for another beat down from Pittsburgh.

As we all know it was another bad, lackluster and dissappointing Sunday for the Browns. The always dangerous and hungry Steelers need wins, and they will probably be in luck tomorrow night.

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