Zach’s Brown List

The first of two contests against the hated Steelers has come and gone. The Browns were, for the most part, competitive in this matchup… But the landscape of the rest of the season was changed, and possibly the entire franchise might feel the ramifications of this game.

– the elephant in the room after the Browns loss is the handling of the Colt McCoy concussion situation. I am no expert on the handling of concussions in the NFL, I know it’s a very sensitive matter as it should be, I have experienced a few of them in my days as a high school and college athlete, they are no joke. McCoy got absolutely blasted by James Harrison and I am shocked he jumped right back up. He missed a play as he was checked out and sent right back out there. Now, it is possible that he did not display any immediate signs of concussion, and the Browns team has nothing to gain in a lost season for sending him back out there with that injury. If he showed the clear signs I would expect that the proper measures would have been taken.

– About Harrison’s suspension. There has been alot of debate and talk about whether it was deserved. Many feel it was not an illegal hit because the QB was moving out of the pocket. Many think it is a reaction more to the history and reputation of Harrison. I am fine with the debate on the topic, as I think the NFL has a very interpretation based ruling on these hits. All the players, fans and refs seem to see it differently. I for one think the suspension is warranted and is too soft. Suh got two games and an ejection for an Ill advised over reaction. Harrison got a game and slap on the wrist for what seems like the 20th head injury he has caused in three years. I think Harrison should have to sit out the rest of the season. The fines don’t seem to help his understanding of the rules, and if the NFL is serious about protecting the health of it’s players than they should make a real example of Harrison. How many careers does he have to threaten before he gets a real punishment?

– Thursday’s game was not pretty but it was rather well played and the Browns hung in there against one of the best. Barring a few mistakes on both sides of the ball it was very close. But they really need to get away from those game changing interceptions and mental mistakes.

– The offense can have some flow if the guys catch the passes and the offensive line holds up. They had a good couple of drives that showed the potential, but they were quick to fall into the normal routine. More and more the clear area for improvement becomes the offensive line and play calling.

– what happens if Seneca Wallace plays really, really well the rest of the season? His one pass Thursday night was very crisp.

– do you still think Greg Little has what it takes? Yea, me either. WR is a huge hole. Massaqoui and Little are so hit and miss, Cribbs can be a solid #3 option and create problems in the slot. There just isn’t much there. The injury to Ben Watson puts a little more pressure on those guys moving forward.

– a lot of people have complained about the punter but to me he looks like a pro bowler. Brad Maynard does his job well. He pins teams deep and hasn’t had a punt go for a touchback all year. He has been pretty impressive for a team that relies very heavily on it’s kicking units.

– I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. D’Qwell Jacskon is a beast. He’s all over the field, in on seemingly every play. He might be the defensive player of the year this season.

– How sweet was that goal line stand orchestrated by Chris Gocong? He made 4 huge plays that kept the team in the game.

That’s really all I’ve got. By Browns standards that really was not a bad game. How the concussion situation plays out will be interesting. I would not be surprised if we didn’t see Colt play again this year. Be cautious in a lost season, especially if he is in the future plans.

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